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Sir Maurice Powicke

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

David Carpenter writes…

On Sunday 28 August, I visited Maurice Powicke’s grave in the church yard of St Catherine’s  Eskdale in the Lake District. Since I was last there a few years ago, the stone has become much discoloured and is largely illegible without close examination.  However one can still read ‘The Truth Shall Set Thee Free’  at the top and ‘HISTORIAN’. The adjoining stone of Richard Pares is in an even  worse state. Was Pares, Powicke’s son in law?  Both stones are by the church yard wall overlooking the river Esk. Into the wall is set a little tablet to Powicke’s son who was killed in a car accident in Oxford in the 1930s.

We went on to discover for the first time Powicke’s house, Christcliffe cottage, which is in a very isolated setting up the valley though with few adjoining houses making a little settlement. The cottage is fairly small and remained in the hands of Powicke’s decendants till purchased by the present owner. I gather that very little has been done to modernise it in inside and it may be much as in Powicke’s time. I hope a photograph will follow.