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Female Names (Further Thoughts)

Monday, November 7th, 2011

 Dr Michael Ray writes…

I was very interested to read Beth Hartland’s post of 20 December 2010 and 16 March 2011 about female names found in the Fine Rolls.  I noticed amongst them were Theopania and Basilia.  On a long trawl through the records of the Common Pleas from 1272 until 1300, I have been surprised to see these two names in 1299 and 1296.  In addition, I recorded Cassandra in 1284 and 1299, Anastasia in 1292, 1296 and 1298, Georgia in 1283 and Olympia in 1281.  Why should these names of Greek origin be used?  There seems not to be a similar pattern in men’s names.  We are told that the Greek culture was not widely appreciated until the Renaiscence.  I can not believe that the fashion was a side effect of the Fourth Crusade and the fall of Constantinople in 1204.  Has anyone any explanation?