Revealing Records IV

The Revealing Records conference held in the Council Room of King’s College London on Friday 25 May was a great success with papers being given by doctoral students from Britain and the continent.  The programme was as follows and will shortly be forthcoming as a podcast.

Programme of Events

Panel 1 – Authorship, Genre and Intention
Joanna Thornborough (St Andrews): What is a Saint For?The Medieval Passiones Kiliani and the Problems of Audience
Katherine Har (Oxford): Interlacing legal writing with historical narrativein the Leges Anglorum Londoniis Collectae

Panel 2 – Language and Form
Christine Voth (Cambridge): Putting the King in a Royal manuscript:Re-assessing the Alfredian connection in London, BL, Royal 12. D. xvii
Adam Mowl (King’s College London): Humanist Rhetoric and Political Thought inFifteenth-Century Italy: Bartolomeo Scala’s Oratio on Federico da Montefeltro

Panel 3 – The Record: Image and Reality
Hetty Kaye (UEA): King John’s chamber: a development in royal privacy?
Giorgio Lizzul (King’s College London): Subsidising the Republic?The Greedy Rich in Poggio Bracciolini’s De Avaritia and Quattrocento Society

Panel 4 – Audience and Response
Frances Durkin (Birmingham): Preaching the First Crusade:the chronicle accounts of the responses to Pope Urban II’s call to the cross
Mark Whelan (Royal Holloway): The Ordensbriefarchiv of the Teutonic Order:Exploring Hungarian and Teutonic relations during the Fifteenth century.

Panel 5 – Transmission, Preservation and Legacy
Alison Ray (UCL): The pecia system and its use by the cultural milieu in Paris, 1250-1330
Michael Schonhardt (University of Freiburg): Ortus ventorum sunt comfi philosophorum –the scientific diagrams of the Arnstein Bible: knowledge between Bernard and Abelard

There were keynote talks by Simon Keynes (Cambridge) and Serena Ferente (KCL), while proceedings were summed up by Alice Taylor (KCL)

Thanks were given to Dhwani Patel and William Stewart-Perker (KCL) for organizing the day.


Delegates at the Conference Dinner

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  1. Kathleen Neal says:

    I’m sorry to have missed it this year – but I look forward to the podcasts. RR is always a great event!

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