Lampreys were the favourite fish of Henry III and Queen Eleanor, judging at least from a statement in a letter close that they found all other fish ‘insipid’. Lampreys were particularly caught in the Severn at Gloucester. For the men of Gloucester offering lampreys for a concession see Cal. Fine Rolls 1233-4, no.74.

In the KCL MA course on Magna Carta, there was some discussion of lampreys and what they looked like. Claire fitzGerald with praiseworthy initiative followed this up and as these images show brought one in for us to see. The image was taken by Richard de Renzy Channer also of the MA.

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  1. Jane Moon says:

    Hmmmm ….I think ‘insipid’ fish would do me nicely, thanks. Unless I were eating blindfold. Do we have any idea how they were cooked?
    Nice photo, Richard, but next time could you include a scale of some sort? A pencil would do.

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