ANNOUNCEMENT – Henry III’s Fine Rolls Blog for 1257

The reason for choosing 1261 as the year for Henry’s fine rolls blog was that it was the only full year in the reign when the  ecclesiastical calendar was the same as 2011.  Thus in both years Easter Day fell on 24 April. This year, 2012, is a leap year with Easter Day falling on 8 April. The only year in Henry’s reign with the same calendar, leap year and all, is 1268.   1235, 1246 and 1257 also have Easter days on 8 April but are not leap years. As a result, their calendars only come into exact line  with that of 2012, all the dates falling on the same days of the week,  at the end of February. Nonetheless,  rather than blogging 1268, or continuing into 1262 (when Easter day was on 9 April),  I thought it would be make more of a contrast if Henry blogged instead a year from his personal rule. Accordingly, I have chosen 1257. This seems to  me the most interesting of the possible alternatives, being the last full year of Henry’s personal rule before the revolution of 1258.

Henry’s first blog for 1257 will follow shortly.

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