Evesham Conference and Pictures (8 October 2011)

David Carpenter writes. On Saturday 8 October I went to Evesham to give a talk at a one day conference organized by John Hunt and the Simon de Montfort Society.  The conference was fully booked with around 50 attendees. John spoke about the honours of Dudley and Stafford and there were also talks by Tom James on Clarendon palace and Peter Coss on entertainment in the gentry household. Peter drew on an extraordinary volume in the BL, Digby 86, and got the whole audience to join in a medieval parlour game which it contained. This involved everyone read out a prediction, ranging from the  religious to the obscene. For example,

‘God will give you the calling that is appropriate to you, as he pleases, and if you serve him willingly he will keep you from the devil’.

‘You are gay and amorous, you f**k much by night and day, there is no woman to be found who is so ugly that you would not f**k her’.

Although some of the audience was even older than I am, this bawdy humour seem to go down well and the game was great success.

For full discussion of Digby 86, see Peter’s latest book: The Foundations of Gentry Life: The Multons of Frampton and their World (Oxford 2010), chapter 12.

These were hard acts to follow. I did my best talking about the fine rolls and Eleurius, abbot of Pershore, who was a chief minister of Henry III. I argued that the section of the Flores Historiarum between 1261-1265, usually ascribed to Matthew Paris’s continuator at St Albans, was in fact written at Pershore and reflects Eleurius’s views.  An article about this will appear in English Historical Review.For Eleurius’s work raising the rents of royal manors see CFR 1251-1, no.1107 and the image.

I was able to visit the site of Montfort’s death and took these photos of the BattleWell and its surroundings and attach photographs.

The Battle of Evesham

The Site of the Battle of Evesham




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