Henry III’s Fine Rolls Blog Sunday 26 June to Saturday 2 July 1261

Henry spent all this week in the Tower of London. He and his councillors were planning the next step in the bid to recover  power. This was to dismiss all the sheriffs and castellans of the baronial regime throughout the counties of England and replace them with king’s men. In contemplating this momentous step, Henry must have been re-assured by the common law business done this week and recorded on the fine rolls. This showed that throughout the land there was still a demand for the king’s justice. This was something on which he could build. Thus it was that this week, with the king in a central and known place, over fifty writs were purchased to initiate and further legal actions according to the common law. Running roughly north to south, these related to the following counties.

Cumberland 4

Northumberland 1

Lancaster 1

Yorkshire  12

Lincolnshire 4

Nottinghamshire 1

Leicestershire 1

Norfolk 1

Suffolk 3

Shropshire 1

Staffordshire 1

Worcestershire 1

Gloucestershire 1

Cambridgeshire 3

Essex 2

Buckinghamshire 1

Kent 2

Sussex 2

Wiltshire 1

Somerset 3

Dorset 2

Devon 4

This was encouraging.   Only the absence of offers from Warwickshire, where Montfort, with his great base at Kenilworth, was particularly strong, might be seen as ominous.

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