The ‘Revealing Records’ Symposium held at King’s College on Friday 27 May 2011

On Friday 27 May, the fourth ‘Revealing Records’ symposium was held at King’s. This gives an opportunity to doctoral students  from many universities to give papers about the records on which their research is based. A link to the proceedings will shortly appear on the Fine Rolls website.  One paper by Johanna Dale of UEA showed how European rulers timed their coronations to coincide with great ecclesiastical festivals. In a comment afterwards, David Carpenter drew attention to a choice of date by King Henry III of England which so far seems to have escaped comment. This was the date on which he took the cross in 1250. The day selected was the fourth Sunday in Lent, the Sunday that is when ‘Rejoice Jerusalem’ was sung, with readings appropriate to the theme. What more fitting day on which to assume the cross.  Clearly Henry was thinking big. His crusade was to be no brief tour of the East. Jerusalem would rejoice.  Joanna Daly pointed out that Frederick Barbarossa also took the cross on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Does anyone know of other examples?

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  1. J Dale says:

    Barbarossa was also crowned on the fourth Sunday in Lent – for the importance of dates in the German kingdom see Hans Martin Schaller, ‘Der heilige Tag als Termin mittelalterliche Staatsakte’Deutsches Archiv 30 (1974)

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