News on Volume 4 of the Fine Rolls of Henry III, 1242-48

The project team – Beth Hartland, Paul Caton, David Carpenter, Sean Cunningham and Louise Wilkinson allĀ met at King’s College London on 4 December 2012 to discuss the completion of volume 4 of the printedĀ edition of the Henry III Fine Rolls (1242-48), which will be published by Boydell and Brewer. The team are pleased to report that excellent progress has been made on this volume – it is 95% complete – and that we are now ready to create the print files and indexes in the New Year.

Louise Wilkinson

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  1. Pete Morgan says:

    Hello. I set up this small project on our school vle for the Year 7 students. Only a very few of them managed to do anything more interesting with the information but we are hoping to provide more support in the future (if we get more access to computers in lesson time!). Thought you might be interested. The work can be see at this link.
    Here is the task guidance:
    Learning about Medieval Beverley & the surrounding area using primary sources
    Follow the internet link below to access a website showing you the records of royal government in the reign of the 13th Century king Henry III. These records were called Fine Rolls, or Pipe Rolls.

    Use the search engine within the site to find out as much as you can about Beverley and the surrounding area in this period. Try using the names of local villages, including your own (if applicable) as well as Beverley.

    You will need to research words that you find and make sure that the results of your searches do refer to this area.

    Then, create a digital presentation using Movie Maker, Prezi, PowerPoint, Word etc. showing what life was like for different types of people in 13th century Beverley. Illustrate your points with quotes from the Fine Rolls website, and relevant images from the internet. Try looking for pictures from the Luttrell Psalter.

    Regards, Pete morgan

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